Sunday, September 16, 2012

On Resurgence

It's been quite a while since I visited this blog. A lot has changed.

I moved to Portland. I changed careers. I took up glass blowing, published a book, traveled the world, spoke at and organized some conferences, and built a community. Where I used to obsess about the minutiae of project management and building an optimized development team, I now care much more about the people around me, and building a better community. In some ways I'm probably better known than when I once obsessed about being well known -- when I stopped writing so much about doing, and simply just did.

But at my core I still crave the act of authorship, no longer for any overtly self-serving purposes, but simply because I care enough to contribute. In truth, I have been writing a bit, not on this blog, but rather here and here and here and here.

So what should I write about? NoSQL? I'm uniquely positioned to have worked professionally with and for a number of NoSQL databasesTech writing? I've certainly done more than most coders will ever consider by their own volitionCommunity building? My favorite thankless task.

This is just another space, adding to the noise, contributing to the information heat death of the internet. Maybe I'll return, maybe my one-time 10,000+ readers will return. Maybe not. But I felt compelled to announce to this space that I have not forgotten about this site I once so eagerly built (seemingly) a lifetime ago, now populated exclusively by stragglers and bots.

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