Friday, March 14, 2008

Code Te Ching - Verse 45

A friend told another friend:
    "I performed my first Linux install today. I am better than Windows users!"
The friend replied:
    "That is nothing! I have performed a dozen Linux installs, each better than the last."
A third friend said:
    "I have installed my one hundredth last week. I am a master!"

A man in the corner laughed.

The friends asked:
    "Why do you laugh? How many have you installed?"

He replied:
    "The same as your friend here - only one."

The friends guffawed, and the old man said:
    "Yes one. In 1993. It still runs my mail server."

The friends had nothing to say.


Anonymous said...

That made me lol.

Luke said...

That is great