Monday, September 1, 2008

Code Te Ching - Verse 47

Old technology is old, but not useless.
New technology is new, but does not devalue the old.

The greatest code was work of the ancients.
Subtle. Efficient. Genius.

Like the days of old where the weakest would not survive,
Come the days of today where many weak survive on ancient efforts.

The weak rest blindly on their fathers' graves.
Knowing nothing about what lies beneath the earth.
The wise know what lies beneath, but do not dwell upon it.
Because of this, the ghosts of the past will walk with them in times of need.

He occupies his time:
    Studying the ancient ways.
    Understanding the future direction.
    Cultivating his skill.
    Remaining faithful to the past without resting upon it.
From his gentle actions the world remains powered.

In this way: the ancients are not lost.
In this way: the elite is immortal.