Friday, November 30, 2007

Mac OS X Curl +SSL Support via DarwinPorts

If you attempt to use the default curl install through port, you may be disappointed to find that https et al won't work. The default install does not include support for ssl, which is a variant.

However, if you already have curl installed you may have to uninstall it first.
sudo port uninstall curl
Moreover, if you have multiple versions installed, you may have to uninstall the default - in my case 7.17.0_0 (don't forget the @ symbol)
sudo port uninstall curl @7.17.0_0
Finally, reinstall with the ssl variant:
sudo port install curl +ssl


atm0s said...

/usr/bin/curl is built with https by deault, macports ftl.

Anonymous said...

sudo port -f upgrade curl +ssl

Anonymous said...

Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks ;)
I didnt want to RTFM, i found what i needed !
In my case
sudo port install curl +ssl
without uninstall worked pretty well.