Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Warning: Terrible Things are Said

Fuck Joyant, Fuck TextDrive. I signed up for TextDrive in mid 2004, one of the first customers to do - largely because they were the only Rails host in town. They were awesome. Great staff, responsive, and never oversold their capacity - for less than $100/yr you got the best hosting around - hands down.

Sometime around 2005 they were purchased by Joyant, and the clusterfucks ensued. Check out Meopedia - a simple (very simple) MediaWiki instance, without too much traffic. It's slow as balls. For 6 months the Joyant staff has claimed "we're upgrading our servers, please be patient". I have a pair simultaneous possible replies in my head, equally valid, waiting to materialize - Schroedinger's Replies, if you will.
  1. If your servers are taxed, why are you still selling space? TextDrive never did before - if they didn't have the servers, they didn't allow new customers.

  2. Fuck off - I'm paying for a service. I'm glad you're growing (not really) but that's not my problem. Now give me the service I paid for, or give me my money back.
This alone is hardly worth my ire. Their quality has been slipping glacially. What really got my goat was that I recently lost the password to an account (the one I was to launch SnipSnipe onto). I filed a support ticket (at top priority) to reset my password.

A week later, I finally got a response.

Were this something not so routine I'd not be bothered. Were it not the case that I was in a hurry to launch SnipSnipe ASAP, I'd not be annoyed. Were it not the fact that their servers run increasingly slower for increasing prices, I'd not be pissed. It's the combination of these things that make me angry enough to blow another wad of cash on a new host. Let's face it, I've stuck with TextDrive for 3 years during their slow, painful fall - I'm not exactly hard to please. I just hope RailsHost works better.

In other news - if you hadn't noticed - SnipSnipe is on (remember, activate your account BEFORE adding snippets)!


Jerrett Taylor said...

500 error :(

Eric said...

Yeah, it was down for about 20 minutes today - my bad. I've been playing with auto-deployment using Vlad the Deployer.

It's up again :)